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Woman charged with DUI after accident involving children

Pennsylvania laws regarding drunk driving are stringent. Depending on the situation, a driver charged with DUI may face fines, jail time and many other penalties if convicted. The consequences increase in severity for multiple charges or if there are other circumstances present, such as driving in a school zone or causing an accident. One woman is facing multiple charges after being involved in an accident with children in her car.

The 31-year-old woman was driving east on a local highway when police say she lost control of her vehicle for unknown reasons. Her car struck a concrete barrier, rolled over and landed on its roof. There were four children inside the car, ranging in age from 12 to 2 years.

Pennsylvania asbestos laws and their relevance

Asbestos-related diseases continue to show up in various forms in different areas. Especially in Pennsylvania, many individuals suffer from mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos.

If you or a loved one suffer from mesothelioma, the road ahead may be hard and bleak. Thankfully, in the state of Pennsylvania, there are laws in place that may help in such situations.

Estate and probate law include providing for pets

It is no secret that animal shelters are often strained to keep up with the abandoned pets under their care. Animal lovers may dread the thought of those once-loved pets living out their lives in cages with minimal attention and the barest of necessities provided. Some shelters keep animals for a limited time before euthanizing them to make room for more. It may break a pet parent's heart to learn that some of those animals ended up in shelters because their deceased owners made no provisions for them under estate and probate law.

While some may feel they have protected their beloved pets by including them in a will, the law in Pennsylvania and other states does not allow pets to inherit assets. An alternative is for the pet parent to leave money, along with instructions, to someone appointed as a caregiver. It is best to pre-arrange this since not everyone may welcome a pet. Some people are able to find an organization to adopt the pet.

Family law study connects divorce to teenage drama

Any Pennsylvania parent who has weathered the years when their kids were teens can attest to the tension in the household. While teen boys bring with them their own challenges, most parents agree that the drama and emotion of a teenage girl can set an entire family on edge. Researchers recently looked into the effect of teenagers on family law issues and discovered some surprising correlations.

Data compiled by Dutch registries and analyzed by psychologists found that couples who have daughters are 11.3 percent more likely to divorce when their daughters become teenagers. Teenage sons seem to raise the risk of divorce about 5 percent less than that. Sociologists have bandied about theories concerning the connection. For example, fathers may be more committed to marriages when they have sons, parents may have a subconscious preference for boys or mothers tend to give birth to daughters when they are already in a stressful marriage.

Personal injury accident leaves child hospitalized

While school is in full swing, many incoming high school students may already be over their freshman jitters. Certainly, they are deciding what clubs they will join, looking forward to homecoming and making new friends. For one Pennsylvania girl, her first weeks of high school were spent in a hospital following a personal injury accident that recently resulted in the arrest of a driver.

Just before 3 p.m., the 14-year-old girl was crossing the street in the crosswalk outside the high school when an SUV struck her. Police say the 32-year-old driver was traveling about 46 mph in a 25-mph zone. Reports also indicate the man may have been distracted since he told police he was checking his watch when his son complained that they were late for a rock climbing lesson. He was charged with aggravated assault.

Man accused of DUI after 7-vehicle accident

Tragic accidents may leave people wondering why, and often the answer to that question is never found. When a Pennsylvania accident is believed to be the result of a DUI, it may seem all the more tragic because it was preventable. For a driver accused of this crime, the future may be uncertain. One man is now in such a situation after losing control of his vehicle.

Recently, a 73-year-old man died after being struck by a van while standing beside his car. The man was one of numerous people who went to the hospital with injuries following the multi-vehicle accident. Reports describe the chaotic scene, beginning with a 32-year-old driver heading south when his van collided with a parked car. That car then hit a third vehicle.

Executor’s responsibilities for communicating with beneficiaries

If anyone ever asks you to be the executor of his or her estate in the DuBois area, it helps if you have a good understanding of the responsibilities that come with the position. It may seem like an honor to be an estate executor of a loved one’s estate. But if you are not good with managing your time, responsibilities, finances and other important responsibilities in your life, then you may want to opt out. 

If you feel you are a good fit for the role, take some time to learn what your obligations are for communicating with the beneficiaries to prevent conflicts, ill feelings and issues with administrating the estate. 

Discussing plans for estate and probate law

The scenario plays out every day in Pennsylvania and across the country. People pass from this life without leaving behind plans for their estate. More tragic may be the families left to make their best guesses about the wishes of a loved one who has become ill or incapacitated. While creating an estate plan is important, some believe those plans are incomplete until the family has discussed them face to face. In fact, estate and probate law discussions may begin sooner than most people realize.

The basic questions loved ones may have about a parent's estate plan may involve the contents of a will and the financial circumstances of their parents. Adult children may have concerns about their parents' abilities to live within their means and the plans they have for retirement. However, serious topics may be left untouched, such as end-of-life decisions and health-care options should a parent require long-term care.

Family law attorney can assist with remarriage prenup

Given the statistics, it may seem inconceivable that so many divorced people in Pennsylvania and across the country marry a second or even third time. With each consecutive marriage, the odds of ending in divorce go higher, and some who remarry find themselves divorcing for the same reasons that ended their previous relationships. Nevertheless, family law advisors suggest some steps couples can take to improve their chances of staying together as well as protecting themselves if the marriage goes badly.

One important tool for a couple with previous experience at the altar is a prenuptial agreement. These contracts may be especially important for couples who have children from earlier marriages or who have unequal assets or debts. Creating a prenuptial agreement can establish protection for one's children by ensuring they receive an inheritance that might otherwise be legally claimed by a new spouse's children.

Personal injury: Wrong-way driver hits 7 pedestrians

Whether as a preferred means of travel, or simply for exercise, many individuals choose to reach their destinations via the sidewalk. While this form of transportation can be beneficial in numerous ways, it can also be somewhat risky, especially if pedestrians come in contact with a negligent driver. Pedestrian-related accidents are a serious concern in areas of Pennsylvania and across the country, and if the driver of a vehicle is deemed at fault, the victims could choose to seek restitution through a personal injury claim should they be injured in the process.

According to police, a recent accident injured several individuals who were walking in a residential area when a truck suddenly ran over them. Police say the driver was traveling in the wrong lane at the time, and was taken into custody shortly after the incident. Although the crash occurred in front of the residence of a medical professional who was able to provide some treatment, five out of seven of the victims were reportedly flown to a hospital shortly thereafter.

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