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November 2017 Archives

Family law: Divorce may mean tough decisions about the home

Pennsylvania couples have many concerns when they decide to divorce. There is great uncertainty ahead, and adjusting to post-divorce life may be a new experience. One area of comfort is often the family home, and there may be disagreements in court over how to divide the equity in that home. In some family law proceedings, one or the other spouse will want to remain in the home, especially if there are children in the marriage.

Mechanical problems cause personal injury crash

Properly maintaining a vehicle is an important responsibility that every driver carries. In most cases, the vehicle will warn a driver that it needs mechanical attention, such as when the "check engine" light comes on, oil begins to leak or a strange sound comes from under the hood. For a driver who does not pay attention to those signs, regular checkups with a qualified mechanic are essential to keeping the vehicle in top working order, which can prevent catastrophes like the recent personal injury accident in Pennsylvania.

Man facing DUI charges after two accidents

In Pennsylvania, a driver involved in a traffic accident may be taken to the local jail for a blood alcohol test if officers suspect the driver has been drinking. Although it may take weeks for the test results to come back to implicate or exonerate the driver, he or she may spend that time worrying about the future. A DUI conviction often carries serious consequences that could negatively affect a person for years. One man may be experiencing that concern following a recent accident.

How to stay safe on the interstate

Many people in Clearfield, Elk and Jefferson counties believe driving on the interstate is easier than the roads, but there are individuals who believe otherwise. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, there is no disputing the fact that car accidents happen on the interstate every day. Many accident victims are not fortunate enough to drive away with little to no damage to their vehicles. Some accident victims sustain severe injuries, while others die. 

Prince heirs seek new administrator while probate drags on

It has been over a year and a half since superstar Prince was found dead in his mansion. As if the death of Prince did not provide enough of a cautionary tale for those in Pennsylvania whose estates are unprepared, more news has recently come from the seemingly never-ending probate. At first, the court had the monumental task of validating the true heirs from among the dozens who sought to share in the colossal fortune. Now some of the approved heirs are fighting for a new estate administrator.

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