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May 2018 Archives

Personal injury claims: Drivers may not be solely liable

Pennsylvania parents often entrust their children to strangers. Every time parents sign permission slips for their children to take a school-sponsored trips, other people become responsible for the safety of the children. When the trust parents place in these individuals is broken, it could lead to injury-causing crashes that may result in personal injury claims being filed by rightfully upset parents.

Fixing common mistakes can prevent estate and probate law issues

With so many details to cover, it's easy to miss a step or make a mistake when estate planning. This can lead to major complications when administering an estate under Pennsylvania estate and probate law. Luckily, by paying careful attention to estate plans earlier in life, adults can resolve these issues before they cause conflict or confusion after they pass away.

Woman to be resentenced on DUI charges

Following a criminal conviction and sentencing, options may still be available to overturn the verdict or lessen the consequences. One woman recently had her 4- to 10-year prison sentence for a DUI resulting in a pedestrian's death overturned by a Pennsylvania appeals court. However, her punishment may still remain the same under the ruling of the Superior Court, despite the fact the court ruled her sentence was illegal.

2 ways to be proactive with DUI charges

Many people in Du Bois believe there is nothing they can do once they receive DUI charges. Little do they realize there are things they can do before their trial date to help improve their circumstances. If you are dealing with a DUI charge, do not leave the outcome up in the air. 

How you title your property directly affects the probate process

Like many other Pennsylvania residents, when you began pondering how to structure your estate plan, you considered how to make sure that your surviving family members have access to much-needed assets as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this goal, you may want to make sure that many, if not all, of your assets do not have to go through the probate process. In most cases, the key is in how you title your property.

Do you need an attorney to help with your family law issues?

Most people here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere go about their lives never needing the assistance of an attorney. Perhaps this is why they hesitate to enlist the advice and assistance of one when issues arise within their families. Of course, many people consider hiring an attorney if their marriages end, but family law encompasses much more than just divorce.

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