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October 2017 Archives

Common issues bring couples to family law court

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, within the first five years of marriage, 20 percent of couples have already separated. As the years pass, more couples part ways until more than half are no longer together. While some researchers strive to find deep-rooted causes of divorce, psychologists may agree that every couple typically goes through the same kinds of difficulties. Some Pennsylvania couples find their marriages strengthened by the trials, and others find themselves seeking divorces in family law court.

Personal injury accident involves 9 victims

When teenagers get their driver's licenses, they may hear the ubiquitous jokes about teens being a danger on the roads. It is certainly true that teens are inexperienced and unpracticed in the art of responding quickly to changes in driving situations. Additionally, teens may be susceptible to many distractions, especially if their friends are in the car. Unfortunately, it may only be after their friends suffer in a personal injury accident before many teens learn the difficult lesson about the responsibilities they have behind the wheel.

Woman charged with DUI after accident involving children

Pennsylvania laws regarding drunk driving are stringent. Depending on the situation, a driver charged with DUI may face fines, jail time and many other penalties if convicted. The consequences increase in severity for multiple charges or if there are other circumstances present, such as driving in a school zone or causing an accident. One woman is facing multiple charges after being involved in an accident with children in her car.

Estate and probate law include providing for pets

It is no secret that animal shelters are often strained to keep up with the abandoned pets under their care. Animal lovers may dread the thought of those once-loved pets living out their lives in cages with minimal attention and the barest of necessities provided. Some shelters keep animals for a limited time before euthanizing them to make room for more. It may break a pet parent's heart to learn that some of those animals ended up in shelters because their deceased owners made no provisions for them under estate and probate law.

Family law study connects divorce to teenage drama

Any Pennsylvania parent who has weathered the years when their kids were teens can attest to the tension in the household. While teen boys bring with them their own challenges, most parents agree that the drama and emotion of a teenage girl can set an entire family on edge. Researchers recently looked into the effect of teenagers on family law issues and discovered some surprising correlations.

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