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July 2018 Archives

Driver wreacking havoc on neighborhood suspected of DUI

Pennsylvania residents who partake in alcoholic beverages do not always make the best decisions. Some decide to get into their vehicles and drive, which could result in disaster. Even if no one suffers any injuries, the driver could end up arrested on suspicion of DUI. However, not all reckless behavior results from the use of alcohol or drugs.

Supporting your children during divorce

When you begin the process of divorce, it is natural to worry how the kids will feel about it. You may believe since stress and the escalating emotions of divorce are gripping you, it must also be affecting the children. The good news is research shows that with just a little effort on your part, kids have a good chance of being just fine over time.

Mini Cooper vs. house crash leads to DUI charges

Whether an individual lives here in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, attempting to flee from police is never advisable. Not only does it lead to criminal charges, it also puts everyone at risk. One of the first things officers look for when chases end is a reason why. In some cases, police suspect the driver involved of DUI.

Estate and probate law are about more than rich, older people

When Pennsylvania residents are young, they may not be able to see a time when they are not. In some ways, that is an admirable trait -- they only see the future in snippets and smaller goals. As they achieve them, they move on to new and bigger goals. However, when it comes to estate and probate law, it is less about being older and richer, and more about planning for an unknown future.

Motorcyclists risk life and limb in motor vehicle accidents

Warmer weather here in Pennsylvania often means more motorcycles on the roads. Their maneuverability, gas mileage and sense of freedom make them popular to a lot of people. Less popular are the risks that come with riding a motorcycle. Motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles often result in loss of life or limb for the one riding the motorcycle.

When do most DUIs occur?

If you see more cops around the streets than usual and there is no local event going on, they are on the lookout for drunk drivers. Because there have been so many DUI incidents over the years around different times, they now know the best times of the days, weeks and months to put additional resources on the roads of Pennsylvania.

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