Could your spouse be hiding money problems?

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A marriage involves commitment on various levels, including financially. Spouses should retain some of their independence, but it’s important that both partners have access to the overall financial picture.

If someone is in financial trouble, it is common for them to hide it in every way, even from their spouse. Is it possible that your spouse might be doing this?

Have you been shut out?

Previously, you and your spouse had reviewed your financial situation at regular intervals. Whether this was a chat at the dinner table or an afternoon in the home office reviewing bank statements, the communication was always there. Nonetheless, this hasn’t happened for several months now. Any time a bank statement comes in, your spouse tells you that they’ll handle it. The communication has stopped. Being shut out is one of the first signs that something could be amiss.

Late payments on bills

You and your spouse share financial responsibilities. There are some bills that you pay, and there are some bills that they take care of. For example, your spouse pays the broadband bill every month. However, recently, your broadband has been cut off for non-payment. While this may be a simple error, it could also be a sign that the money is going elsewhere.


You have a fairly good grasp of how much money is coming in and coming out each month. You know what you can afford as a couple and what is out of reach. If your spouse has made lavish purchases, such as a brand new car, and the finances just don’t add up, it could be a sign that something is wrong. Buying lavish items on credit is often one of the early stages of getting into financial trouble.

If you feel vulnerable in your relationship financially, it’s important to think about ways to protect yourself. You have legal rights as a spouse and if divorce is on the horizon, seeking legal guidance will help.

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