Three things to ask in an initial consultation

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The fear of the unknown is arguably the worst type of fear. This is especially difficult if you are facing a divorce or a child custody dispute for the first time. Perhaps you have heard horror stories about how unfair the court system may be or how expensive it is to have your day in court.

Regardless of your fears, having facts can help you overcome them. That’s where talking with a family law attorney comes in.  

In some instances, talking to an attorney about the legal process may not cost anything. Through free initial consultations, a lawyer can explain his or her services and develop a rapport to make the potential client feel comfortable and at ease. Other lawyers may charge a small fee since the initial meeting is nearly certain to lead to representation.  In either scenario, it is helpful to know what to ask an attorney in an initial consult. This post will focus on a few. 

What can I expect during the process? – As we alluded to earlier, the fear of the unknown is what dominates most people’s thoughts when considering divorce. So it is okay to ask about what to expect so that you don’t run into any surprises.

How long will the process take? – Indeed, you can’t make any plans for your post divorce life until you know when your divorce will be finalized. So inquiring about when the process will be completed is prudent.

Are there additional fees I will be responsible for? – It is understandable that you don’t want to spend very much in dissolving a failed relationship, but you also don’t want to pay extra for things you don’t need.

If you have additional questions about the family court process, an experienced attorney can advise you. 

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