Man faces DUI and other charges after police chase

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With today’s tense political environment and the media coverage of violence and disharmony across the country, it may be understandable that ordinary citizens are sometimes reluctant to deal with police officers. This may also be a good reason for building a solid defense against criminal charges, even those resulting from a traffic stop. One young man encountered Pennsylvania police on a recent evening and is now facing DUI and other charges.

At approximately 9 p.m., a state police cruiser was driving on a two-lane rural road when a large pickup truck heading in the opposite direction swerved across the solid double line into the officer’s path. The officer gave chase, but the driver of the truck did not stop, leading the police for seven miles. Other patrol cars joined the pursuit, finally succeeding in bringing the vehicle to a stop.

The 19-year-old driver allegedly ignored police commands to exit the vehicle and resisted when officers attempted to arrest him. Police say they tased the driver in order to bring him into custody. Apparently, during the arrest, officers concluded the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

Now facing DUI charges, the young many may have many concerns about the best way to proceed. At such a young age, a conviction for the charges he faces may disrupt his plans for the future and seriously limit his options. Like him, anyone in Pennsylvania who faces criminal charges can seek the advocacy of an attorney who will examine the evidence and build a strong defense strategy.

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