You may need a family law attorney for more than just divorce

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These days, it is difficult to have a friend or family member who has not been through a divorce. This may be the only area of family law with which you are familiar. However, family law encompasses far more than just divorce and the issues of property division and support that go along with it.

It may not be a surprise that child custody and child support issues also fall under this umbrella. Whether or not you were married when you had a child, you could find yourself in need of help with a custody, visitation or support issue. If you or your children become the victim of domestic abuse, you may pursue charges within the criminal justice system. However, you may also find that you could seek protection under Pennsylvania’s family laws.

What if you are unable to have a child of your own? You may consider adoption. Going through this process can be complex and stressful, and fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. Perhaps a member of your family is no longer able to care for him or herself. You may want to pursue a guardianship in order to protect someone you love.

As you can see, you could encounter numerous situations in which a Pennsylvania family law attorney could assist you. You could attempt to handle the situation on your own, but any mistakes that could affect your future and the futures of your loved ones could do more harm than good. For this reason, it may benefit you to consider finding experienced help with your predicament.

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