Filing a personal injury claim after a pileup can be complex

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Winter weather has arrived in Pennsylvania, and it is wreaking havoc on the roadways. Drivers who fail to take extra precautions due to snowy, icy and slippery roads could end up causing an accident involving multiple vehicles. When the victims decide to exercise their rights to file personal injury claims, they could get complex due to the number of vehicles and drivers involved.

For instance, one Pennsylvania expressway was closed in both directions for a while on a recent Saturday morning due to an accident that ultimately involved at least 15 vehicles. Several people suffered a variety of unknown injuries. One person’s injuries were severe enough to require hospital care. At last report, that victim’s condition was said to be critical. No further information on the injuries suffered was available.

It took hours to clear the scene. Even though the road conditions were much less than ideal due to snow, officials had not yet determined what started the chain-reaction crash. It could be some time before investigators figure out exactly what happened. Meanwhile, at least one family may be wondering whether its loved one will fully recover from the critical injuries he or sh suffered.

Figuring out who to file a personal injury claim against in this type of motor vehicle accident could take some time. This is just one of the areas in which the experience of an attorney could prove invaluable. It may be beneficial for those who wish to exercise their rights to file such claims to take advantage of the legal resources available.

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