Treating a divorce as a business deal

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Emotions often run high when a marriage ends. If a Pennsylvania couple brings those emotions into the divorce process, they often end up in a contentious court battle. This is why many people recommend treating the end of a marriage like a business deal. 

When boiled down to its basics, a marriage is a legal contract between two people. The divorce process terminates that contract, usually by mutual agreement. Removing emotions could help the parties stay on track with dividing their assets, support and custody issues.

Before any negotiating can occur, each party should determine what they will need in order to move forward after the divorce. This may mean making a distinction between what a party cannot live without and what he or she may let go of in order to get those things. Each party may also want to create a budget in order to determine what it will take to have some financial security after the divorce.

Putting aside emotions may help with the negotiation process since it will more than likely entail compromise. When parties agree to view the process as a business negotiation, it could make it easier to get through. Being able to negotiate could also mean saving time, money and stress that often accompanies a contentious courtroom divorce.

When it comes to divorce, no one wins. Pennsylvania couples still have all of the emotional fallout to deal with when their marriages end, but doing their best to keep those emotions out of the process could make the coming days, weeks and months better for everyone involved. Not going to court does not mean that the parties should ignore their rights and give up the possibility of achieving a fair and equitable settlement. An attorney could help ensure that does not happen.

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