How to make virtual visitation work over summer vacation

| Jun 10, 2021 | Child Custody |

You look forward to summer vacation with the kids, especially since your divorce — but your relationship with your co-parent has always been a little rocky.

You’re worried that your ex-spouse may become a wee bit anxious and controlling over the break, and that could make your time with the kids uncomfortable.

Some ground rules on virtual visitation can help

Assuming that your kids are old enough to operate their electronic devices without your assistance, here are some rules that you can use to keep virtual visitation from becoming a burden:

  • A guarantee of privacy. You can relieve some of your co-parent’s anxiety by making it perfectly clear that you will preserve their privacy if they Skype, message, text or email your child. After all, you expect the same.
  • A set communication time. Let your ex-spouse know when they can easily contact the children — and make sure that the kids are available. Also let your spouse know if there are times when it is not good to reach out or call — like after a certain hour at night when the kids are in bed.
  • A willingness to cooperate. If your co-parent calls to speak to the kids at a normal time and they aren’t available for any reason, make it a point to have the kids return the contact as soon as they are home.
  • A shared vacation schedule. If the whole family is going to be out of reach while you’re at a theme park or on a day trip, let your co-parent know. Offer to have the kids check in once you’re home again.

If your ex-spouse is intent on abusing the virtual visitation privileges that you’ve offered, it may be time to seek a little experienced assistance. A revised custody plan or a modification may be in order.

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