Behaviors that could jeopardize your custody case

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You and your spouse have taken the difficult decision to pursue a divorce as it’s in the best interests of your family. Divorce proceedings have started and there are several issues to settle. At the top of the list is child custody.

Ideally, you and your co-parent should be able to work out a parenting schedule together. If this isn’t feasible, then the court will step in and draw up an agreement based on the best interests of the child.

The judge in your case will be looking at what kind of parents you are, and how that fits in with the child’s needs. There are certain behaviors that you should avoid, as they could jeopardize your custody rights. Outlined below are a few important factors to consider.

Ignoring court orders

While the court is trying to work out a permanent custody order, they may impose temporary measures until they have reached a decision. You might feel like this temporary arrangement is not in your favor, but you must still stick to it until a final decision has been reached. All court orders are legally binding, and both parents must respect them even if they are in disagreement. Ignoring a temporary order could harm your permanent rights in the long run.

Social media use

The majority of people now stay in touch through some form of social media. Messaging apps tend to be free and they are very handy for instant communication. Throughout custody proceedings, your private conversations should be able to remain private. However, your public posts are a different matter. If you post something negative about your ex, then the courts are likely to frown upon this, and it could make the process more difficult for your child. You also want to think carefully about the types of photos you are sharing. Pictures can be interpreted in different ways, and the last thing you want is for the court to be persuaded that you are irresponsible in any way.

Ideally, custody arrangements should be settled quickly, and then you can start the next chapter of your life. Having legal guidance on your side will help ensure that your parental rights are respected.

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