Spending habits can lead to divorce

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People often think of very dramatic situations when they consider what would cause a divorce. They’ll talk about someone having an affair, for instance. They might mention situations involving abuse or addiction.

And all of these things certainly can lead to divorce, but it is often a lot simpler than that. For instance, just the way that someone spends their money could end up causing them to break up their marriage.

Spending and saving

One problem that couples sometimes run into is that one person likes to save money and the other likes to spend. If they can find a balance, this may be able to work. But if they can’t find a balance, then each person feels like the other one does not have their best interests in mind.

From one person’s perspective, that vacation that they weren’t allowed to go on was taken away from them because their spouse refused to spend the money to make it happen. From the other person’s perspective, their spouse is constantly trying to throw away their money on vacations or other purchases that they don’t need, undermining the family’s financial future and stability.

It doesn’t matter which side of this you’re on or if you think one person is right or wrong. What really matters is simply that each person has such a different viewpoint. This can lead to constant conflicts, and with money being one of the major reasons for divorce, you can imagine that this type of conflict ends a lot of marriages.

If something like this has happened in your relationship and you’re thinking about ending it, you need to consider your legal options and how to divide the property that you own.


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