3 ways to minimize the effect of a divorce on your work

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Divorce will place additional financial stress on you. So the last thing you need is to lose your job.

Yet that might happen if you do not make allowances for how demanding a divorce can be. Here are some tips to lessen its effects on your job:

1. Compartmentalize your life

Work can provide a few hours each day to escape from the stresses of your personal life. Yet that will be harder if your phone or email keeps reminding you of your divorce. Consider muting them while at work, or at least filtering certain messages out of your inbox and asking specific people not to call you during work hours.

2. Learn to say no

Your primary duty during a divorce is to yourself. Only then can you be at your best for others. 

To make time for yourself, you need to say no to others. That could mean saying no when your boss asks you to stay late or no to taking your kids shopping on the weekend.  You can use the time you free up to do what you need in this difficult time. That might be a coffee with a good friend or staying in bed late for a change.

3. Tell people

You do not need to tell everyone you work with that you are divorcing, but telling certain people is wise. For example, telling your boss allows them to understand why you might not be at your best some days. They might even take steps to make your life easier, such as removing high-pressure tasks from your workload or allowing you to take extra time off.

Getting legal guidance is another way to relieve some of the burdens of your divorce.

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