How a divorce registry can help you replenish after your split 

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If divorce has been on your mind lately, you may have heard about people setting up divorce registries. You may have even been sent a link to a friend’s registry on Amazon, Target or another retailer that already offers registries that you can specify for any occasion beyond weddings and babies.

There are also a number of sites popping up with registries geared specifically toward people who are divorcing. The best-known one is probably the site Divorcist. You can ask for anything from favors to cash to practical items. If you don’t need anything, friends can simply choose to give you something fun as a celebration of your new life.

From “restocking” to furnishing a room for your child

These registries are by no means meant to substitute for a fair division of property with your spouse However, virtually every divorcing person needs to “restock” a few things when their spouse moves out or they move into a new place, from coffee makers and vacuum cleaners to dishware, towels, plants and wall art. 

If you’re moving into a new place and you need to set up a room for your child, you can ask for furnishings and decor in your registry (and perhaps let your child help select the items).

While registries have typically been considered a “female” thing, men can just as easily set up a registry. Maybe your spouse seems to have ended up with all the baseball or fishing gear or your toolkit. You may decide you’d rather get some new stuff than argue over comparatively minor items.

Again, a divorce registry is no substitute for a fair division of property. However, it can allow you to focus on the bigger picture rather than spend your time dividing up workout and home office equipment. 

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