Using technology to relieve co-parenting stressors 

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Whether you and your child’s other parent are generally on good terms with one another or not, there is no denying that co-parenting is a stressful endeavor. Even adults who reside in the same household and share a romantic relationship can have a challenging time parenting. The realities of parenting become logistically that much more involved when parents end their romantic connection and co-parent from two different locations. 

Thankfully, living in the U.S. in the Digital Age comes with certain perks. Nowadays, even members of most households usually have access to smartphones, laptops and/or other communication devices either within the home, at work or at public libraries. Therefore, it usually isn’t difficult for co-parents to work through many otherwise stressful situations by leveraging specific apps and online platforms to their advantage. 

Good places to start

If you haven’t thought much about using technology to facilitate a healthier, more effective co-parenting arrangement, you may be wondering where to begin. Apps and platforms designed specifically for co-parents tend to serve as a good starting point because they offer a host of beneficial features all in one place. 

For example, you and your co-parent may be able to use the co-parenting technology of your choice to mutually access financial tracking information about your child’s expenses, use shared calendar features to keep up with their activities and chat with one another about co-parenting matters in a space that keeps records of your communication. 

Co-parenting apps and platforms can benefit both adults who generally get along with their child’s other parent and just want to make their situation even more manageable and those who need to keep records of their co-parent’s communication in case they need to go back to court. In either event, they are worth a try. 

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