Why include virtual visitation terms in your parenting plan?

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Over the past few decades, the world has become increasingly interconnected via electronic means. With the rise of diversified ways of connecting electronically, virtual visitation has become an important feature of many parenting plans, especially in situations where distance is a factor between co-parents and/or a child is especially in need of connecting with both of their parents frequently.

If you and your ex are co-parenting a minor child, know that including virtual visitation terms in your parenting plan can have several benefits for both you and your child alike.

Benefits of making this effort

One of the primary benefits of virtual visitation is that it allows for consistent contact between your child and whichever parent they’re not residing with at the moment. Regular interactions are generally very important for maintaining a strong parent-child relationship.

Virtual visitation offers a level of flexibility that traditional parenting time division challenges may not. Parents can read bedtime stories, assist with homework or simply chat about their day without the constraints of travel time and expenses. Virtual visitation can include video calls, instant messaging or even participating in online games together. In these ways, virtual visitation is not meant to replace in-person parenting time but rather to supplement it.

Continued and regular contact with both parents can help to support your child’s emotional and psychological well-being and can help to ensure that your relationship with your child – as well as your co-parent’s relationship with them – remains strong.

By formalizing virtual visitation expectations in your parenting plan, they’ll become enforceable. This can help to ensure that everyone’s rights and interests in this regard are clear and respected.

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