Will summer vacation end your marriage?

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For quite a while now, studies on marriage and divorce have noticed that there’s a spike in the number of new divorces being filed in August – right as summer is in its final days.

What’s the connection between the end of summer and divorce? It’s partially social and partially emotional, but the reality is that many marriages that are on shaky ground already simply won’t make it to autumn. Here’s why:

1. Summer vacation isn’t enough to fix the real problems

A lot of couples convince themselves that fractures in their marriages can heal if given enough time away from the daily grind of everyday life. Those couples may plan extravagant second honeymoons or resort trips, hoping to rekindle their relationship. When the vacation doesn’t restore long-lasting harmony to the union, the couple’s disillusionment with each other can grow.

2. All that family time may be counterproductive

Summer is family time, and that can throw couples off their normal routines – especially when they have children at home. All that extra family togetherness can actually make it painfully obvious that a couple has grown apart or even come to dislike each other.

3. It’s still far enough away from the winter holidays

Nobody really likes ending their marriage right before the winter holidays begin, because that usually means that the divorce will be the topic of a lot of conversation – and it doesn’t give them a lot of time to adjust to the idea of being single again. Plus, the choice to divorce in November or December can be seen as inherently selfish, simply because of the emphasis on family during those seasons. Couples often hope to be through the divorce process by the time the holidays roll around.

If you feel like this could be the last summer for your marriage, it may be wise to learn more about how the divorce process works and what it takes to adequately prepare for the future.

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