Family law issues don’t end with a final divorce settlement

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Whether a couple came to a final settlement through mediation, collaborative divorce or in court, the parties probably spent a great deal of time painstakingly advocating for their individual financial futures. Once all the paperwork is signed and the court has closed the case, many Pennsylvania residents may believe that they have nothing more to do. The truth is that the family law issues for most couples do not end at that point. Often, more work needs to be done.

For example, if a party is to receive child support on behalf of the children, ensuring that those payments reach that parent regularly may require additional work. Health insurance is often a big issue during a divorce. Whatever arrangements made in the settlement need to be put into place. The party who does not already have a health insurance policy will need to obtain one at some point.

The same could be said for any agreements to either sell or refinance the family home if one of the parties wants to keep it. Most agreements include some sort of deadline for completing the refinance. If the home is to be sold, the parties need to get the home ready for sale and put it on the market if they have not already done so.

Not all Pennsylvania residents realize that more work needs to be done after the final settlement is signed and approved by the court. For instance, at least a portion of the property divided will require some additional work to legally complete the transfers, among other things. A family law attorney can help tie up the loose ends that the agreement creates.

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