What reasons could your ex seek to modify custody arrangements?

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One of the most difficult things in any divorce is reaching a child custody arrangement that both parties are happy with. If your ex-spouse is not happy with the conditions, they may try to modify them at a later date.

Courts can modify child custody agreements

To seek a modification, your ex will need to apply to a court. They will need to justify their request. Here are some of the reasons they could use:

  • Your new partner: Your ex may overhear your partner shouting or discover they got into a fight in a bar. They may try to convince a court that your child could be exposed to violence or abuse when staying with you due to your partner.
  • Your alcohol consumption: If you threw a party over the weekend, your ex may see the boxes of empty liquor bottles when they come around to drop your child off. They may use this to suggest to a court you have a drinking problem and could expose your child to danger.
  • Your job: You might have been pulling extra shifts lately to save up to take your child away for their birthday. Or maybe you had an important work meeting and got home late, leaving your child alone in the house for a few hours. The other parent may suggest that your work does not permit you to dedicate the time you need to your child.
  • Their job: Your ex rings up to tell you they have a new job in another part of the country. They tell you how it is their dream opportunity and how there are some wonderful schools nearby. All you hear is that they are trying to take your child away from you.

If your child’s other parent is trying to modify your child custody agreement you worked hard to achieve, it is vital to seek help. Children benefit from having both parents in their life.

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